About Neck Relieving Electric Massagers in EU, UK & US | N E K .
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N E K . operating across the world

We’ve been helping people with their N E K= neck problems.


Exclusive Worldwide

Our goal is to provide our neck relieving electric massagers to EU, UK & US. But also to Australia. We know there neck pains all over the world 😉


Style & quality

How do you find a luxurious electric neck massager that makes you look modern and cool? The solution is simple: N E K . with CE & CFF certificates ensuring that our users will love using it all over the world.


Proactive approach

We approach with problem first and then found the perfect luxurious solution to provide affordable yet luxurious electric neck massagers that can be used on just about anyone.


Where are we from ?

Our team is based in Finland. But we have warehousing in US & ASIA. Currently 12/2020 the stock is finished with some products in US so shipping will be from ASIA. In the future we are also opening a warehouse to EU which will speed up the shipping ties to lighting speed. We guarantee when you receive your product you will forget that you even waited for a few days

We value our customers well being.

We want to evolve and to provide with the best quality & customer experience as possible.

  • To use our passion for helping struggling neck pain & relieving stress like our own to have an easier life.
  • To create stylish designs that inspires and provide with a modern look and style.
  • To reinforce the structure to ensure that our massagers can last for generations to come.