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Who is N E K. massager designed for?
Martin 23/02/2021

Who is N E K. massager designed for?

For anyone suffering from neck pain and cramps, you know yourself just how limiting…

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@PokBiil - Brand Ambassador
Martin 23/02/2021

@PokBiil - Brand Ambassador

At NEK, we are proud to have a growing list of contributors and partners…

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Want to know how to relieve neck pain? Then start here
Martin 03/12/2020

Want to know how to relieve neck pain? Then start here

Want to know how to relieve neck pain? Then start here For anyone with…

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For anyone suffering from neck pain and cramps, you know yourself just how limiting this can make life. Our neck makes millions of movements per day, moving in ways that we often cannot even perceive. Just about any kind of movement in your body will require neck muscles to spring into action. To live with a sore neck, then, is to live with a sore body.

If you would like to overcome such issues, then you might wish to use the NEK Massager. This has become a premium tool for massage therapy and neck pain reduction – but why? How does it work and operate? What can it do?

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Compact, easy to use

First off, the neck massager is small and compact and thus is easy to carry around and set-up as you need. At the same time, it is easy to use as it can simply fit onto any part of the neck that is in need of continual massage therapy. For that reason, it has become a go-to choice for those who want easy to find neck relief.

Suitable for athletes and ordinary people

Another way that the NEK massager helps is that it is suitable for anyone with neck pain. While many athletes use our products, we also see people from all walks of life investing. From the elderly to people with jobs that can lead to lots of neck strains and pains, such as IT and office workers, our tool is suitable for anyone searching for relief.


Digs deep for a thorough massage

The NEK massager also focuses on getting really deeply into the neck areas, ensuring that muscles are massaged as deeply as is possible without causing injury. This allows for a deeper, more penetrative massage that is sure to lead to lots of positive feedback and recovery opportunities.

Since  this goes deeper than you realistically could with your own hands, this allows for much-improved neck muscle management and can easily improve the condition of your neck.

Post-work(out) recovery

One main reason to use the NEK massager, though, is that it can get into the neck muscle area and really work on the areas most impacted. Whether you had a tough day at work your have just finished an intense and challenging workout, you will find this provides an excellent chance for quicker recovery.

Since it gets deep into the neck muscles, this can be great for making sure you can work out those strains and tight areas with consummate ease.

electric neck massager - Neck pain reliever

Treatment that targets pain points

When using this massage treatment, though, you will also find that it has a particular focus on the most common areas of the neck which are likely to be worn out and in pain. This helps to work out the kinks and the stress, making sure that any and all neck pain can soon become a thing of the past. An absolutely wonderful starting place for anyone trying to get their neck back into A-OK condition!

If you have neck pain and need to find deep and lasting relief, then try out the NEK Massager today for a solution that finds the source of the issue and solves it instantly.


At NEK, we are proud to have a growing list of contributors and partners who we work with. One of the latest ambassadors to join our team, though, is that of Muay Thai expert and kickboxing mastermind Pok Biil. Biil is a Finnish-Thai kickboxing expert who will compete for the KOK World Featherweight Title in 2021. As one of the most popular kickboxers from Finland and a growing name in the sport, the Featherweight is someone we are very proud to work alongside.

With a growing number of fans across the sport, the KOK World Champion and 7x Finnish Champion has become a key name within the Muay Thai and kickboxing worlds. He has become a recognised name as an established fighter, and someone with a huge amount of experience in the arena. We were proud to initiate discussions with Biil, and we are happy to work alongside him moving forward.

Speaking about the latest partnership and ambassadorship for NEK, NEK Founder, Martin, said: “We are very happy to have come to an arrangement with Pok Biil to help us take our products to new audiences and new locations. His quality as a professional athlete and as a man made it an easy partnership to form, and we look forward to working with Pok on many promotions moving forward

“Since our inception, we have taken very seriously our movement to find partnerships and agreements with people like Pok Biil. To say that we are now in partnership together is very exciting; we all look forward to seeing what we can do to help one another moving forward.”

The Finn has shown an immense ability within the arena, and was able to overcome his opponent in February 2020, winning the title after overcoming Igor Osinin. NEK is proud to hold a partnership with one of the most respected athletes in the country, and we look forward to many future collaborations and partnerships together as time goes on.

You can find out more about Pok Biil and his career at his official Instagram page. We look forward to working alongside a Finnish martial arts legend to help bring our products to a wider audience. 

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Want to know how to relieve neck pain? Then start here

For anyone with a sore neck, life can become a real chore. You might not realise it until you do hurt your neck, but neck pain can become a deeply debilitating feeling to live with on a daily basis. If you are in this position, then you might wish to know how to go about relieving neck pain in the shortest space of time. want to know how to relieve your neck pain? Then read on with this simple, helpful guide!

Living with neck pain: Why does my neck hurt?

Of course, the main problem that you might have when it comes to neck pain is diagnosing the cause. The truth is that our necks can hurt for all manner of reasons. There is no one particular reason why your neck might hurt, but some of the most common reasons why you have neck pain might include:

  • Lifestyle issues. The most common reason for neck pain will stem from your lifestyle. If you are someone who is regularly sedentary and/or in a seated position, then you do increase the likelihood that your neck is going to feel a lot of pain and strain over time.
  • Physical injury. From whiplash in an accident to simply twisting your neck, neck pain could come from a form of physical injury. It could be a short-term injury that heals over time, or it could be a muscle/bone strain that could take considerably longer to recover from.
  • Repetitive strain. Whether starting at a TV for hours or a screen on a mobile device, most neck pain will come from repetitive strain. It could be a part of your job to simply always have your neck in one particular angle. As you might imagine, though, this will lead to issues.
  • Chronic conditioning. Sadly, some people have chronic issues with their necks that can be near-impossible to resolve. However, this is often the result of either a condition such as arthritis or long-term neck damage that has not been dealt with in any way.

The above are all common reasons as to why you are suffering from neck pain. For the most part, too, this will be hard for you to overcome without taking some kind of preventative action. If you want to know how to stop neck pain, then you should try the following suggestions.

Actionable tips for stopping neck pain

When it comes to neck pain, you have numerous reasons why it happens and also numerous ways to try resolve the issue. Some of the most common ways to end neck pain include:

  • Trying to avoid sitting staring at a screen either on a desktop or on a mobile device for too long.
  • Stretching your neck on a regular basis, giving the muscles the extra flexibility that they need.
  • Going for a neck massage, which with the right application can help to minimise neck pain.
  • Exercising your neck, using various exercise techniques to strengthen and improve neck muscles.

Of course, the main thing that you might wish to focus on when it comes to avoiding neck pain is using a tens electric massage therapy system. With such an electric system, this helps you to quickly and easily start to ease discomfort and minimise the kind of pain that you feel.

Such systems can be used to help lift the discomfort that you feel around the neck, especially for those with chronic neck pain. However, it always makes sense to try and combine the use of an electric massage therapy system with regular exercise.

These tools can be a small but simple way to help you turn around your neck pain problems and make sure you can start to feel a bit better from a physical perspective as time goes on. While it can take a long time to recover from neck pain, using the right treatment and preventative tools and techniques can make a world of difference!