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@PokBiil – Brand Ambassador

Martin 23/02/2021 0 comments

At NEK, we are proud to have a growing list of contributors and partners who we work with. One of the latest ambassadors to join our team, though, is that of Muay Thai expert and kickboxing mastermind Pok Biil. Biil is a Finnish-Thai kickboxing expert who will compete for the KOK World Featherweight Title in 2021. As one of the most popular kickboxers from Finland and a growing name in the sport, the Featherweight is someone we are very proud to work alongside.

With a growing number of fans across the sport, the KOK World Champion and 7x Finnish Champion has become a key name within the Muay Thai and kickboxing worlds. He has become a recognised name as an established fighter, and someone with a huge amount of experience in the arena. We were proud to initiate discussions with Biil, and we are happy to work alongside him moving forward.

Speaking about the latest partnership and ambassadorship for NEK, NEK Founder, Martin, said: “We are very happy to have come to an arrangement with Pok Biil to help us take our products to new audiences and new locations. His quality as a professional athlete and as a man made it an easy partnership to form, and we look forward to working with Pok on many promotions moving forward

“Since our inception, we have taken very seriously our movement to find partnerships and agreements with people like Pok Biil. To say that we are now in partnership together is very exciting; we all look forward to seeing what we can do to help one another moving forward.”

The Finn has shown an immense ability within the arena, and was able to overcome his opponent in February 2020, winning the title after overcoming Igor Osinin. NEK is proud to hold a partnership with one of the most respected athletes in the country, and we look forward to many future collaborations and partnerships together as time goes on.

You can find out more about Pok Biil and his career at his official Instagram page. We look forward to working alongside a Finnish martial arts legend to help bring our products to a wider audience. 

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